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Chez Robert opened in 2001 as a catering service not because owner Rob Wegley set out to really open a catering company, but because so many of Rob's friends and family requested that he do so. Since the 1970's Rob has always been a natural entertainer and chef. Every summer it was at his house that many people knew that the start of the spring and summer would always begin with Rob's BBQ get together, and it always ended on Halloween with the same BBQ get together. During the holidays, Rob always prepared and served a wonderful feast fit for a King.

Rob has always had a talent for entertaining family and friends and cooking and creating many wonderful and delicious dishes that it just seemed natural that he should open a business that allowed him to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes while at the same time providing a service that so many have enjoyed over the years.

So, after a lot of urging from his family and friends, Chez Robert was born. It began with the philosophy that "the customer is King." In the kitchen where all menu items are prepared to order. Chef Rob and his team provide innovative specialties and home style meals at value prices. To complement the food, Chez Robert can also provide complete event planning services including music with his sister business, RAW MIXX Studios and Event Planning.

A main ingredient for the success of Chez Robert is the small and efficient "staff-family" who have been here for years and treat it like their own. But most of all, thanks to our customers, our growing base of regulars who we've come to know by name, as well as the newcomers who give us a try--Without you we wouldn't be here. It's a pleasure to serve you!

Chef Rob Wegley and Staff